Favours are the latest addition to the Gateau Alchemy table.

I offer the following range of favours all packed with flavour ready to give your guests a little treat whilst they party with you!

All favours come in individual bags or boxes.

Some can be provided in personalized jars.

Fudge - Flavours include; Chocolate Orange, Vanilla, Cookies and cream, Bounty, Toblerone, Kinder Bueno and Mint Aero, White chocolate and raspberry, Strawberries and cream. £2 for 5 pieces (minimum order 20 bags)

Jars available to order £20 per jar enough for a table of 8. 

Mini Cookies - Flavours include; White chocolate, Chocolate orange, Raisin oat, Triple Chocolate, Biscoff, Rolo and Smarties.£2.00 for 3 (minimum order of 30) Vegan options available for some flavours.

Brownie Bites: Flavours include: Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Biscoff, Raspberry and chocolate, Nutty crunch. £2 for 5 bites (minimum order of 30 per flavour) 

French Macarons - Flavours; After 8 Mint, Forest Fruits, Chocolate Orange, Salted Caramel. £1.20 each (minimum order of 48)

Personalized iced biscuits - butter biscuits, £3 each minimum order of 30 Vegan option available

Embossed Biscuits - Butter biscuits - 5 for £2 or £20 for a jar to feed a table of 8. Vegan option available

Meringue kisses -  Large - £2 for 3, small £2 for 6. In jars £3 each minimum order of 20.

Cake Jars -  Choice of flavours from menu. £3.00 per jar. Minimum order of 20. Vegan option available


Please Inquire if you have a specific favour in mind that you can't see here.